Designer Clutches and bags from India

About The Company


Sugarcrush is a label that personifies timeless beauty, which transcends through time and generations. Each one of our creations is designed to be a wardrobe classic with its undeniable expression of individuality and sophistication. Rooted in fine Indian craftsmanship, our bags are entirely handmade by master craftsmen with great love, passion and pride. This is reflected in the sheer intricacy of the designs and embellishments that adorn each piece. We combine detailed embroidery with contemporary styling to create bags that are versatile enough to team with traditional Indian and western wear.

Rich silks, satins, pure leather and fine beads imported from world over go into making each luxurious Sugarcrush piece. With a keen eye for detail we ensure the finest quality of workmanship. Every handcrafted bag is made such that you can actually enjoy the experience of using it. Our design philosophy is simple yet abundantly meaningful. We celebrate everyday objects by transforming them into a thing of beauty, romance and luxury. The way a person looks at the world, their experiences and lifestyle is intrinsic to our creative ideology.In our spectacular journeys to places far away we discover art, architecture, culture and stunning landscapes, which find expression in our designs.


Sugarcrush is regularly covered in magazines like idiva,swirlster and the likes. The creative director and founder of the label Devika Arora was inspired to start Sugarcrush with the idea of combining international trends with a strong flavour of India. A gold medallist alumnus of Amity University Noida, Kartik Arora has a deep understanding of fashion, quality and product, which is reflected in the label.

Sugarcrush encapsulates the modern, fashion-forward, confident woman. She has many moods, many places to go to. She can dress up any look with just the right accessories that are elegant, experimental and yet impeccably tasteful.

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